Liquid screed

Liquid Floor Screed Installation in Wales and the south west

Floor installation is usually one of the last major structural jobs that happens within a building. It means the build is at an exciting phase with the interior ready for conversion and finishing.

It is the basis on which the rest of the project is built and yet with screed flooring, the issue has long been the time that it takes for the floor to dry. Using the floor whilst it is in a soft state can lead to structural issues, such as cracking.

Force drying it with heaters and fans also leads to cracks, compromising its structural strength.

We Have the Solution – Liquid Floor Screed Installation

Domestic Liquid Floor Screed 4 SML

Our team of four can install over 800m² a day of liquid floor screed. Traditional screed would be limited to 100m² a day. Better still, the newly laid floor can take light foot traffic within 24 hours of installation. Traditional sand and cement floors will need seven days to set.

Most brands of liquid screeds dry at a rate of 1mm per day up to a depth of 40mm when drying conditions are favourable.

Liquid screed is often used where underfloor heating has been installed as it has twice the thermal conductivity of traditional screed. This thermal transmitter rate of 2.2w/m2K means that the heating system is twice as efficient.

Preparation for Liquid Screed Flooring

Preparation is key. Prior to installation a damp proof membrane should be laid, along with slab, insulation and a vapour barrier. When underfloor heating is installed the process is similar, with piping loops laid on the vapour barrier and the liquid screed flooring installed.

The diagram below shows the differences between traditional and liquid screed:

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